A little about Condobolin Milling.
Condobolin Milling (previously Hassan’s Mill) is situated in Condobolin NSW and is in the geographical centre of that state.

Condobolin is a very important oat growing area so our Mill can source oats at a very reasonable price by avoiding heavy transportation costs for wasted product. The Mill is on the East West railway line from Sydney to Perth and close to the Newell Highway for transport North and South.

Tony Slade and Matt Wood have worked together for many years and have made this investment because of their interest in oats as a grain that they have grown for many years on Peoria Pastoral Company at Condobolin and on the successful feeding of dehulled oat groats in their feedlot for both sheep and cattle.

The move into Condobolin Milling seemed a natural progression into value adding to a commodity that was readily available in their district.

We are young family men very enthusiastic and stickers for quality product and efficient production systems.

The mill produces dehulled oats for many customers in the petfood, birdseed poultry feed for both local and overseas customers. Contact us at sales@ausgroat.com.au and discuss you grain needs.

Managing Directors

Mathew Wood
Mathew is production manager and Plant manager and purchases the raw grain for the mill.
Direct Contact 0428975223
Tony Slade
Tony is responsible for sales and deliveries.
Direct contact 0428975236


Accounts and Financial

John Slade
John is responsible for the accounts and office.
Contact 0429651025

National Australia Bank
Orange Business Centre

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P.O. Box 2591
Bondi Junction NSW 1355