Oat groats are the nutricious part of a grain of oat and are manufactured by removing the protective hull from the oat grain. One use of a groat is steamed and rolled it to make a rolled oat.

The groat is high in protein 18.5%, energy 14.4Mj/Kg and fats 7.1% which makes groats a highly digestible grain with excellent nutrition performance for quality feeds.

A recent analysis of a sample of our production by the Wagga Wagga Feed Quality Testing Laboratory was as follows:

Results Units LOR Dehulled Oats
Dry Matter % 0.5 92.6
Neutral Detergent Fibre % 10.0 15
Acid Detergent Fibre % 4 5
Crude Protein % 4 18.5
Inorganic Ash % 3 3
Organic Matter % 75 97
DMD % 39 85
DOMD % 38 84
Metabolisable Energy Mj/Kg DM 4.5 14.4
Crude Fat % 1.1 7.1

LOR Limit of Reporting, the minimum quality that can be reported with confidence All results are reported on a dry matter basis unless otherwise stated. All units of % are g/100gms equivalent