A little about Condobolin Milling.
Condobolin Milling (previously Hassan’s Mill) is situated in Condobolin NSW and is in the geographical centre of that state. Condobolin is a very important oat growing area so our Mill can source oats at a very reasonable price by avoiding heavy transportation costs for wasted product. The Mill is on the East West railway line from Sydney to Perth and close to the Newell Highway for transport North and South.

Oat Groats: What are they?
By removing the hull (the high fibre outer husk) from the raw oat grain what remains is fibre rich bran, nutritious grain germ and the bulk of the grain known as the endosperm. This can be consumed as is, hammer milled, processed into rolled oats or milled into oaten flour. Oat groats or oaten meals can also be cooked into breads where they create a nutty flavour and add to the nutritional content. .

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      Old military .303 Lee Enfield Rifles brought back to life.
       Children, families and great camp fire stories. New friendships and very difficult and highly skilled shooting bring a high level of respect to hardship of
       our fallen and respect for our past.