Ingredient Description
The oats are of a milling variety and will be sound, fresh and free from signs of infestation and rodent contamination. They have been cleaned, graded, dehulled and brushed. The oats comply with all relevant standard regulations.

The oats shall be whole grain fairly uniform in size (approximately 6.0 – 9.00mm in length) reasonably free from broken, split or chipped groats, heat damaged grains, diseased grains weathered damaged grains, wild groats, hulls sticks/stems and free from foreign materials (stones, splintered wood, trampmetal glass etc).


Delivered in bulk 20ft food grade containers with lined bulkheads. Each container will hold between 24mt and 25mt of product.

Physical Properties

Item - Typical Data Specifications
Moisture 7 - 9%
Particle Size - Pass through 1.7mm (US #12 mesh screen) 2% Maximum
Pickling Test  
Unhulled groats 10 grains max
Hulls 3 pieces max
Slivers 7 pieces max
Barley 7 grains max
Wheat 5 grains max
Stick/stem 1 piece max
Damaged Grains (eg. heat damaged or diseased grains) 3 piece max
Foreign Material Nil
Discoloured Groats 20 grains max

Chemical Properties

Item - (Spec based on 100 grams unless stated) Specifications
Protein (N#6.25) 12 - 18.6%
Fat - Saturated
       - Total
6 - 9%
1 - 3%
Aflatoxins <5ug/kg
Hexanal 50ppb max
Beta Glucan 3.5% min


Item Specifications
Total Plate Count 20,000 CFU/g max
Heated Plate Count 500 CFU/g max
Mould 500 CFU/g max
Yeast 500 CFU/g max
Coliform 10 CFU/g max
Escheria coli Neg
Salmonella Neg
Bacillus cereus 100 CFU/g